The Cyprus Tax Authorities (CTA) have recently announced that, as from 1 June 2018, payment of the direct taxes indicated in the table below will be possible only through the online JCCsmart portal:

Tax code Description
Income tax for individuals and companies
0200 Self-assessment of provisional Income Tax
0300 Self-assessment of Income Tax
0300 CTA assessed Income Tax
Special Contribution for Defence (SDC) for individuals and companies
0604 Self-assessment of SDC on rental income
0612 Self-assessment of SDC on interest income
0613 Self-assessment of SDC on dividend income
Special Contribution for Defence (SDC) withheld at source by companies
0602 SDC withheld from payments of interest
0603 SDC withheld from payments of dividends
0614 SDC withheld from payments of rents
0623 SDC on deemed dividends
0114 Reduction in salaries and wages of the broader Public Sector

This follows a prior measure of the CTA where, as from 1 March 2018, the payment of tax deducted at source from employees salary (referred to as 'Pay As You Earn', PAYE) is possible only through the online JCCsmart portal.

The CTA announcement also indicates that payment through the online JCCsmart portal will not be permitted in the following cases (in these cases payment will only be possible at the CTA's district offices):

  • tax liabilities that carry any interest or penalties
  • revisions of provisional income tax (individual or corporate) (tax code 0200)

The content of this article is intended to provide a general guide to the subject matter. Specialist advice should be sought about your specific circumstances.