Giambrone's criminal lawyers in our Barcelona office have had an outstanding success in a matter where our client, who is based in the UK, was facing a prison sentence of four years. Our client had been involved in an incident in Spain where the police were called and in the ensuing fracas and confusion, it was alleged that he had assaulted three policemen.

Our client was desperate, his reputation and good name in the workplace would be gone forever if he had to face a custodial sentence. Our criminal team, constructed a case, leveraging the mitigating circumstances, which was then eloquently put before the court. In particular, our lawyers explained that the client was facing a difficult moment of his life, due to anxiety and panic attacks and was actually in Spain to relax and recover from this status. That night our client lost both his friend and his mobile phone and found himself in a foreign city without the support of his friend or the means to contact anyone. When the police stopped him the language barrier lead our client to be scared and he tried to run away. Due to the excellent way the Giambrone criminal team presented the matter to the court, against all the odds, given seriousness of the charges laid against our client, he was sentenced to 12 months imprisonment, suspended and handed a reduced fine, which means our client can return home and now put the whole matter behind him.

One of our lawyers, Graziano Cecchetti, said "our client faced losing his liberty, his job, his reputation and his current lifestyle due to an incident that escalated out of his control", he further commented "if a person is arrested abroad where they are unsupported and cannot speak the language, the paralysing fear on finding themselves in such a position with no access to friends or relatives, often leads to further complications which impact badly on the situation."

Giambrone's criminal teams across Europe enjoy an enviable level of success in the legal defence of our clients and minimising the sentences handed out by the foreign court.

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