Induction is part of the recruitment process where a new employee is introduced to the company. Employee is introduced to the company's mission, values, policies, benefits, safety protocols as well as business processes. It is also about integrating the employee into the culture and performance standards of the company. Role expectations are set and that is where the company tries to get employee engaged from his/her first day on the job.

Induction is important for the individual employee as well as the employer (company). This article focuses on three importance of thorough induction. These three benefits are; employer brand building opportunity, building efficiency and reduces employee turnover.

Employer Brand Building Opportunity:

Every company wants to hire the best talent on the market. Brand building revolves packaging your company to excite job applicants or prospective employees to your organization. Every organization is scouting for the very best talent on the market so you have to prove that as an organization you have the best systems, processes, benefits/perks, development opportunities for the employees that might be employed your the organization. Thorough induction will excite the new employee about the company products, services, systems, structures, line management support and growth opportunities. Once new employees are excited they would in turn, recommend that organization to their family, friends, school mates etc and promote the brand of that particular organization. More candidates may apply to the organization and then the organization gets the opportunity to recruit the very best candidates.

Building efficiency:

For any organization to achieve the bottom line, it always depend on how efficient and productive its people, systems and structures are. When new employees understand the company's performance management systems and the job expectations very well, they would pick up speed in performance delivery. Again, they would also get to know how their line manager supports their growth, where to go for help and what support resources are available to them. Employees would therefore, not be frustrated and confused regarding the organization's expectation of them. One benefit also is that there will be less mistakes and would make new employees perform at the optimum level. When employees become familiar with how things are done in the organization early, it helps them to ease quickly into the environment. Moreover, productivity level of the individual will increase, which in turn, would support the achievement of the overall business results.

Reduction in Turnover

When inducted employees know their expectation, they usually build right stakeholder relations and build strong relationship with their line managers and colleagues. These would then help them feel connected to the business priorities and its people and make them stay longer in the organization. When the right connections and relationships are built, employees are confident to ask the right questions at work. When induction is conducted thoroughly retention rates increases and business continuity becomes a success.

In conclusion it is paramount that every new employee go through thorough induction in order to get the right impact on business results. Induction can be an added advantage for every organization to reduce employee turnover, increase efficiency and also help the organization become an employer of choice for highly skilled talents. On the other hand, new employees will be able to adjust and integrate quickly into the organization and deliver to their optimum level. How a new employee succeeds or fail on the job may depend a lot on the induction process.

The content of this article is intended to provide a general guide to the subject matter. Specialist advice should be sought about your specific circumstances.