Under the Resolution of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan "On measures for the creation of the industrial technical park "Yangihayot" in Tashkent" No.PP-4979 dated February 4, 2021, a new industrial technology park with a land plot of 210 hectares will be built in the district of Yangihayot of Tashkent (hereinafter – the "Resolution No.PP-4979").

In accordance with the Resolution No.PP-4979, there will be :

  • established the procedure and time limits for the issue of land;
  • formed the Organizational Commission for the creation of the industrial technological park "Yangihayot";
  • identified sources of financing of the new industrial technology park "Yangihayot";
  • established procedure for compensation payments for losses of agricultural and forestry production and for the allocation of plots of land for the implementation of the project.

The organizational commission for the creation of the industrial technical park "Yangihayot" has the following obligations:

  • to define specific boundaries of the Techno Park;
  • to organize the management;
  • to develop and approve a draft master plan;
  • to approve the programme for the construction of external engineering, communications and road transport infrastructure;
  • to attract leading international experts and foreign specialists.

The project for the creation of the industrial technical park "Yangihayot" will be financed from the resources provided for in the Programme for the Development of the Social and Industrial Infrastructure of the Republic of Uzbekistan, additional sources of the local budget, the management of the technological park, investors, and other sources not prohibited by law.

The program for compensation for losses of agricultural and forestry production provides for the payment of compensation on an installment basis for up to 5 years.

The new industrial zone will increase the region's industrial production capacity and provide local people with high-paying jobs.

Originally published 22 February 2021.

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