On 2 May 2023, Parliament voted on Bill of law no. 7945_ on the protection of persons who report breaches of EU law ("Whistle-blower Protection Law"), in the bill of law's first constitutional vote.

In principle, the Whistle-blower Protection Law is subject to a second constitutional vote within the next three months. However, Parliament has asked to dispense with the second vote, subject to the agreement of the Conseil d'Etat (State Council). In practice, therefore, it is possible that the law will be adopted and published in the Luxembourg Official Journal very soon.

The upcoming Whistle-blower Protection Law will have a significant impact on employers because it introduces:

  • An obligation on employers to set up an internal reporting channel.

  • Enhanced protection measures for whistle-blowers.

  • Heavy penalties for non-compliance with the provisions of the law.

Stay tuned for more details about the law once it passes the final vote.

If you have not yet set up an internal reporting channel or you have any questions about doing that, please feel free to contact us. Our Employment Law, Pensions and Benefits team is at your disposal_

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