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<p><b>About Arendt</b></p> <p>Arendt combines the entire value chain of services dedicated to Asset Managers, Banks, Insurers, Public Institutions and Private Clients operating in Luxembourg.<p> <p>-Legal & Tax<br> -Regulatory & Consulting<br> -Investor Services</p> <p><b>Legal & Tax</b></p> <p>We assist clients in structuring and running their business from a legal and tax standpoint across Luxembourg. Our teams directly serve international clients or work in close collaboration with foreign partner law firms.</p> <p>Together with our regulatory consultants and investor services experts, we bridge the gap between legal/tax advice and its implementation. We deliver best-in-class services along our clients’ business life cycles.</p> <p>The 450 legal experts of Arendt & Medernach have a wealth of experience in a wide variety of specialisations. Together, they are able to advise on a complete range of 15 complementary practice areas, including Investment Management, Private Equity, Banking and Corporate Law.
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