With beautiful weather and clear skies, many take their free days and try to make the best of it; this can often involve going out and visiting public spaces and parks, and performing activities such as barbequing and setting-up campfires.

With these types of activities though, issues may arise which the local authorities desperately wish to prevent. The critical areas of concern involve making fires and barbequing in these public spaces, as well as littering. There is an element of disruption that these activities produce, and pollution is also a crucial concern with the litter.

The Muscat Municipality is aware of such issues and has recently implemented a series of fines which will apply to those who do not adhere to the newly established bans.

Muscat Municipality Order Number 31/2019

Order Number 31/2019 has been announced, and as part of the move, there will be increased patrols in the public areas that people are often found breaking the law. The fines are as follows: For any individual found lighting an open fire or grilling in areas not specifically designated for such activities, they will receive a penalty of up to OMR 100.

On top of the fine, the immediate removal of the offending objects must occur, and in the case that further damage arises, additional fines and punishments may follow.

The law will be published in the Official Gazette and will come into effect 30 days after its initial publication.

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