Two in One! This time we are here, despite the virus, to update you on recent decisions and new regulations in China with a selection of very interesting topics, in one issue of GossIP that covers both April and May.

We deal with the case of Bulgari in the first article, where we explain why the Guangdong High People's Court's judgment recognized the Italian luxury brand "BVLGARI/???" as well-known trademark, and enforced granted the cross-class protection on the service of "sales of commercial real estate".

The second article examines why having your trademark registered in China is essential even if your company does not commercialize its product in the Chinese market, evaluating the recent decisions from the Supreme People's Court regarding OEM activities and trademark infringement.

Data is becoming not only the engine of economic innovation, but also an important resource for any enterprise to gain or maintain a competitive edge. Can IP mechanism protect big data?

The last article analyses the modifications to the Anti-monopoly Law proposed for the first time since it took effect in 2008. Find out what's new!

Don't stop reading then because you'll find 2 important notices, the first regarding the postponement of deadlines for trademark and patent procedures; the second informing about the online publication of trademark opposition decisions.

Practice social distance, stay safe and enjoy the reading with us!

GossIP - April-May, 2020, HFG Law & Intellectual Property Newsletter

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