Promotion Plan for the Implementation of the National Intellectual Property Strategy and Acceleration of Building an IP Powerhouse in 2018" (Promotion Plan) was approved for issuance by the Inter-Agency Council for Implementation of IP Strategy of the State Council, securing implementation of six key works, 15 key sections and 109 measures.

The Promotion Plan seeks to promote IP administration system reform and perfect important IP policies, ease control in IP representation services in general while strengthening necessary control and offering quality administrative service, including establishing the all-new China National Intellectual Property Administration, exploring to establish a national-level IP cases appeal trial system, implement pre-tax super deduction for R&D expenses and advancing civil-military integration pilot programs in IP field.

The Promotion Plan also aims to intensify high value IP cultivation, improving IP examination quality and efficiency, including deep implementation of improving patent quality project, accelerating construction of patent examination system in emerging fields and industries, reducing trademark examination pendency from eight months to six months and building national works registration information publication and inquiry system.

As for enhancement of IPR protection, the Promotion Plan proposes to fine-tune laws and regulations, strengthen construction of long-term IP protection system, launch special administration in key fields, intensify daily supervision and law enforcement, including specifying punitive damages in copyright laws and patent laws, accelerate construction and mapping of IPR protection center, formulate Internet + IPR protection schemes, and punish IPR infringement crimes.

In regard to enhancing IP utilization, measures include intensifying IP transfer and commercialization, strengthening use of IP information, deepening promotion of IP transaction services, promoting IP financing such as patent pledging, encouraging farmers to take advantage of trademarks to grow rich, formulating implementation of a three year action plan to facilitate transformation and upgrade of businesses.

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