Recently, the CNIPA released a public notice that under the arrangement of negotiation framework for EU-China GI Cooperation and Protection Agreement and recommended by the European Commission, CNIPA received applications for protection of two GI products from Czech.

According to the official of IPR Protection and Coordination Department under CNIPA, the applications are the first filings from an EU country received by CNIPA after its reorganization in accordance with the Provisions on the Protection of Geographical Indication Products and the Measures for the Protection of Foreign Geographical Indication Products. It not only embodies the efforts made by CNIPA to put in place the international consensus made on GI product protection in a series of international cooperation, including the Joint Statement of 20th China-EU Summit and the 7th Annual China-EU High-level Economic and Trade Dialogue, but also constitutes specific measures to make progress in advancing the negotiation for EU-China GI Cooperation and Protection Agreement.

Next, CNIPA will continue to expand the bilateral cooperation on indication of geographical originGI protection and deepen the cooperation and communication in promoting the protection and development of indication of geographical origin.


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