Hu Wenhui, Deputy Commissioner of the CNIPA met Jorge Casimiro, Vice President and Chief Public Policy & Social Impact Officer of Nike, Inc. in Beijing on August 24.

Hu said that the Chinese government has always been attaching great importance to IP protection and making tremendous progress in establishing and improving relevant legal system, strengthening construction of competent authorities and teams, and ramping up public awareness in respecting and protecting IPRs. The CNIPA has always equally protecting the legitimate rights and interests of Chinese and foreign parties and right holders in accordance with the law and is expecting that Nike could deliver more messages to the world to reflect a fair, objective, true and whole picture of the Chinese IP system, allowing more U.S. companies and people to know the latest development and progress of our IP system.

Casimiro appreciated China's palpable results in IP protection. He introduced Nike's efforts in trademark protection in China and looked forward to strengthening communication with the CNIPA.

CNIPA principal officials responsible for the International Cooperation Department and the Trademark Office also attended the meeting.

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