The National Intellectual Property Administration of China (CNIPA) released the 2017 Statistics and Report of Invention Patents in China's Artificial Intelligence (AI) Field.

According to the statistics, China publicized 46,284 applications of invention patents in AI and granted 17,477 ones in 2017. Among the 46,284 disclosed applications, foreign-bound totaled 4,577; among the 17,477 grants, 16595 were domestic and 882 were overseas.

Guangdong topped the domestic ranking of such grants, with 4,777 in 2017 and US topped the overseas ranking with 317 grants.

Analysis on applicants shows that universities and scientific institutions have leverage in the field of basic algorithm and basic hardware, while enterprises possess absolute predominance in the vertical application.

Statistics also indicated that there is still a gap between China and developed countries in the overall AI development, in particular the innovation investment in basic theory, core algorithm, basic hardware and key equipment, which requires further investment to make improvement in the new situation.

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