On September 26, the European Patent Office (EPO) made the decision that OPPO's EP3624524 patent on "wireless communication methods, network device, and terminal device", which was challenged by Nokia at the EPO in February 2022, was valid and essential for the 5G standard.

The decision, according to insiders, poses greater threat of OPPO patents to Nokia. OPPO has filed an infringement lawsuit against Nokia in Mannheim, claiming that Nokia's base station products infringe its EP3624524 patent, and a trial is scheduled for December 5,2023.

According to relevant reports, patent disputes between the two parties have spread to several international jurisdictions and are gradually developing in favor of OPPO from the beginning of this year.

On January 11, the District Court of the Hague rejected Nokia's motion for a temporary injunction against OPPO.

In July, the Court of Justice of Paris issued a judgment against Nokia's EP1702486 and EP1704731, saying the patents were invalid for lack of novelty. Nokia was also ordered to compensate 400,000 euros in legal fees.

On September 14, a Swedish court declared EP2981103 and EP3220562, two standard essential patents filed by Nokia against OPPO, invalid.


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