From 2021 June, all subsidies for filing patent application should stop. From now on, all subsides for granting of patent should be reduced, and such patent grant subsidies should all stop by 2025.

The explosion of patent filing, particularly in the last five years, from China is largely due to the government subsidies. Such has twisted the patenting environment in China. I am glad that such subsidies are going to stop. My belief is that a patent should be filed for protecting the commercial interest of a company (I always explain to my client that patent is a kind of insurance for their technology business), but not for extracting money from the pocket of the government.

Interesting, this happened shortly after the USPTO published their opinion on subsidies from China available below:

It could be expected that the the number of patent filings from China would decrease in the coming years, as the government would no longer pay the bills. Yeah!

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