WTS held a "Tax Risk Controlling" seminar in Taicang on 23 November 2017, related to the following transactions commonly adopted by many companies in China, especially those with a R&D function or frequent related-party transactions:

  • How R&D expenses are scoped, documented and booked as deduction in accounting and tax;
  • How high-tech enterprise qualification is justified and accounted for in legal, tax (transfer pricing) and accounting; and
  • How cross-border related-party transactions are structured and controlled.

WTS showcased some practical means for the management personnel or controllers to identify and manage tax risks in these areas.

WTS 于2017 年11 月23 日在太仓举办了名为"税务风险控 制"的研讨会,并和企业代表讨论以下议题:

  • 研发费用在财税方面如何定性、存档和记录;
  • 高新企业资质在法律、税务(转让定价)和会计核算 方面如何体现一致性和合理性;
  • 跨境关联交易方面如何管控风险。

WTS 在会上提供了具体可行的方案及案例,给管理层或 管控人员可以有效识别和管控以上的税务风险。

November 2017

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