China's National Intellectual Property Administration (CNIPA) has opened its service windows since February 3, 2020. However, applicants are advised to use online service for their IP needs regarding such as patents, trademarks and layout designs of integrated circuits during the epidemic.

Regarding patent works, the CNIPA asks for electronic filings and processing. If a patent application has already been submitted in paper form, a papery-to-electronic application request may be filed, then after approval, the relevant procedures may be handled, via an electronic application client.

Regarding trademark works, 24 services such as application for registration, change in bibliographic information, renewal, right transfer, and fee payment may be done via online system. In addition, where a service must be handled at the local trademark acceptance windows or in the hall of the trademark examination and cooperation centers outside Beijing, the parties should obey the work notice issued by local relevant institutions during the epidemic prevention and control.

Regarding layout designs of integrated circuit, new applications and intermediate documents could be filed via online application platform. Users who hold an account on the online patent application system can readily use the same user information for works layout designs of integrated circuit.

Anyone who fail to meet a legal or specified deadline and cause the loss of any of the above IP rights, may apply for extension within two months since the elimination of the barrier to the exercise of the rights, with related evidentiary materials being submitted.

For your information, our firm has resumed work and been providing uninterrupted service since February 3, 2020. Should you need any assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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