The Supreme People's Court (SPC) will set up a specific circuit trial system to hear IP cases at the local courts or the original courts for case handling, with an aim to make it easier for the parties involved to bring litigations and to promote the legal publicity about IPR. The implementation will be launched in the second half of 2019.

Over half a year of operation, the IP Court of the SPC adopted such cutting-edge technology as AR glasses, voice identification system, e-signature system and e-file retrieval system for case hearing. The database of judgement rules centered on the specific law-applicable rules was initially established to include the portfolio of main judicative paper about technical cases over a decade by way of summarizing keywords and abbreviature of adjudication. It is identified that the cases heard by collegiate bench must be under retrieval. Unless by special procedure, the cases shall not conflict with the prior cases, so as to avoid the different judgement over the same kind of cases to some extent. In the future, the database will be further improved.

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