China edged into top 20 for the first time at Global Innovation Index 2018 rankings as showed by Global Innovation Index 2018 by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). World Bank also marked China 3rd among the Economies with the Most Notable Improvement and topped the East Asia and Pacific region in Doing Business 2019.

Regarding IPR protection, China has a unique system combining administrative law enforcement and judicial protection.

In 2018, both routes have been significantly enhanced: the administrative law enforcers nationwide investigated and handled 215,000 cases about IPR infringement and counterfeiting, among which 77,000 were patent infringement cases, 31,000 were trademark-related violation cases and over 2,500 were about copyright infringement and piracy cases. The Customs system investigated and confiscated 47,200 batches of exported and imported IPR infringing goods in total, containing 24.8 million worth of IPR infringing goods. The public security authorities cracked over 19,000 cases of IPR infringement and counterfeiting. The procurators approved the arrest of 5,627 persons involved in 3,306 criminal cases of IPR infringement. The number of concluded cases at the courts nationwide hits 320,000, up 41.6% compared with the previous year.

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