The National IP Administration of China (CNIPA) issued the Announcement No. 307, formally announcing that as of April 29, 2019, patent applicants who own valid Chinese patents may request accelerated decisions on patents in Laos for patent applications which they have filed with the Department of Intellectual Property (DIP), Ministry of Science and Technology of Lao People's Democratic Republic under the cooperation between CNIPA and DIP.

Applicants may file the request before the grant of the Lao patent application and after the grant of the Chinese patent, preferably after the expiration of a 32 month period starting from the filing date (priority date prevails if exists), otherwise, the documents submitted will be treated as the copy of the report on search or examination by another authority provided in Article 41 of the Law of Intellectual Property of Laos.

Another requirement goes with the protection scope where the Chinese patent and the Lao patent application are related and the claims of the Lao application are the same as one or more claims in the corresponding Chinese patent application granted by the CNIPA.

Once the request is approved, the DIP will grant the patent under the Cooperation for facilitating Patent Grant of Laos-related patent application as soon as possible without written notification to the applicant.

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