There is an upbeat mood at the North American Bitcoin Conference as the talk shifts from Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies to ICOs and how blockchain technology can be used to transform existing industries.

That's the view of Ogier partner Bradley Kruger, who is attending the event along with dispute resolution partner Marc Kish and associate Cory Macculloch.

Bradley, who heads the firm's Caribbean and Asia corporate practice, says that the mood at the Miami event among the 4,000 delegates is buoyant, and that more and more conversation at the event is focusing on innovative uses of blockchain technology beyond Bitcoin and cryptocurrency.

"The dialogue seems to be evolving to a new phase," said Brad.

"The first phase was Bitcoin and the spread of crypto-currency as a concept, the second has been the spread of tokens, and the third – the phase that we are reaching now – is using the tokens and the blockchain technology to transform existing services and the invention of new products and services utilising blockchain.

"For example, there are people here at the event promoting blockchain applications for entertainment, banking, education, finance, real property ownership and even everyday objects such as eye glasses.

"From the perspective of the offshore offering for ICOs and token launches, some companies have not even considered it yet, but increasingly, quite a few of the people that we are talking to think that the offshore model makes sense."

Bradley recently wrote a Q&A on the offshore perspective on blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

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