Originally known as the Cayman Islands Financial Services Association, Cayman Finance was established in 2003, with the vision of a broader organisation representing the country's financial services industry.

The Cayman Islands is a premier global financial hub, efficiently connecting law-abiding users and providers of investment capital and financing around the world.

Cayman Finance plays a vital role within our financial services industry, charged with protecting and upholding the reputation of the industry, both at home and overseas.

As well as contributing to the debate about the role of International Financial Centres, Cayman Finance corrects misinformed perceptions that fail to appreciate how IFCs operate in and contribute to the global economy. The Cayman Islands is a strong partner in combating global financial crime and possesses a highly respected legal framework and a robust legal system which underpins the laws.

Through cooperation and engagement with domestic and international political leaders, regulators, organisations and media, Cayman Finance plays a pivotal role in the defence of our jurisdiction by promoting the integrity and transparency of Cayman's financial services through legislative and regulatory enactment and encouraging the sustainable growth of the industry through excellence, innovation and balance.

Cayman Finance members include some of the leading names in the many law firms, accounting firms and organisations, as well as the jurisdiction's major financial services associations, covering sectors such as investment funds and asset management, banking, insurance, reinsurance, capital markets, trusts and governance. financial services industry, including

Within Cayman Finance there are a number of specific working groups that provide specialised information and insight to the organisation.

Among these working groups are specific groups for International Relations in Europe, Asia, Latin America and China, multiple groups focused on different areas of FinTech, IT and many more.

Cayman Finance also works closely with its partners in the Ministry of Financial Services to promote and safeguard our industry in the international arena. The far reach of Cayman Finance's partnerships ensure that Cayman's financial services industry speaks with a single cohesive voice, allowing the jurisdiction to remain at the forefront of international business.

At the end of 2017, Conor O'Dea was elected to Chairman of Cayman Finance. Mr O'Dea worked for Butterfield Bank (Cayman) Limited in various capacities since 1989, including Managing Director and Senior Executive VP, International Banking for 18 years, and Managing Director Cayman, and President & Chief Operating Officer, BNTB Group.

In April 2016, he retired from executive responsibilities with Butterfield Group and assumed a non-executive role as Director of BNTB Board and Chairman of Butterfield Bank (Cayman) Ltd Board.

Jude Scott has been at the helm as Cayman Finance's CEO for over three years now. Mr Scott has served the financial services in industry in Cayman for over 25 years spending much of his career as a Partner at Ernst & Young, before moving to Maples and Calder as Global Chief Executive Officer.

With over sixty Ordinary and Associate members and fourteen Honorary (Associations) members, Cayman Finance is truly the representative voice of the Cayman Island financial services industry.

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