Originally published on Slaw.

A recent shift in the distracted driving law has granted the police the authority to confiscate and impound cell phones of drivers who are caught texting while driving. Drivers caught texting are subject to a fine, and the police may confiscate the driver's phone for up to 48 hours. Just long enough for that cell phone dependent driver to really feel the loss of their "companion", but not so long as to justify going out to pick up a loaner.

The hope is that depriving the driver of their beloved cell phone will serve as a greater deterrent than any fine that might be imposed.

I should pause at this point to mention that the foregoing is complete fiction. However, if you've gotten this far it means that the concept has grabbed your attention, and that is really the point of this post.

Distracted driving (and specifically texting while driving) is a problem on our roads. Some would suggest that distracted driving is a greater hazard than impaired driving.

It seems to me that much like speeding, the risk of simply getting a ticket is not deterring drivers, young or old, from typing away on their phones while they drive.

Would the ability to seize and impound cell phones do the trick?

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