Ryan Conlin and Jeremy Schwartz of www.stringerllp.com discuss vaccination mandates. These mandates have been legally and politically controversial in Canada and around the world. We are starting to see the first decisions from labour arbitrators and Courts on the rights of employers to impose vaccine mandates and require mandatory testing. This presentation from an expert in labour law and an expert in OHS law, will review the latest legal developments on this evolving area.

  • Clear as mud: What we can take from the different outcomes in two recent labour arbitration awards
  • The latest from the Courts on injunction proceedings related to vaccines
  • Does the Joint Health and Safety Committee have a role in vaccine mandates?
  • Think Local: How do the recommendations of public health authorities impact an employer's obligations
  • What about mandatory testing?
  • Way down South: The American experience with vaccine mandates
  • Peering into our crystal ball: What we think will happen going forward with vaccine mandates

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