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In this blog, we will provide an overview of the current environment in Ecuador.

Ecuador: Ripe For Foreign Investments in Mining?

Ecuador has lagged behind its southern neighbours in the development of its mining industry.  However, it has lately become an interesting investment destination for Canadian and other mining companies, and its mining exports have been trending upwards.[15]

Companies operating in Ecuador have sometimes struggled to meet Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) challenges and contended with unclear regulatory regimes, but the country has a new business-oriented president, Guillermo Lasso, who has pledged to establish a clear new framework for responsible mining, while also countering illegal mining and protecting the environment.[16]  Mr. Lasso lacks a majority in Ecuador's legislature (his party holds only 12 of 137 seats) so he must work with other parties to implement his agenda, which could prove difficult.  But, after more than a decade of left-wing governments that didn't place much emphasis on attracting foreign investment, Ecuador may now be ripe for new investments in mining.

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在厄瓜多尔经营的公司有时难以应对环境、社会和治理(ESG)的挑战,并面临着监管制度不明确的挑战,但该国新任总裁吉列尔莫·拉索 (Guillermo Lasso) 承诺为负责任的企业建立明确的新框架,同时打击非法采矿和对环境进行保护。[16] 拉索先生在厄瓜多尔立法机构中缺乏多数席位(他的政党在137个席位中仅占有12个席位),因此他必须与其他政党合作,执行他的议程,这很显然具有困难的。但是,经过十多年的左翼政府不太重视吸引外国投资,厄瓜多尔现在可能已经成熟,可以进行新的矿业投资。






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