Emeka is a businessperson from Nigeria who came to Canada on the Entrepreneur Visa Program to look for new business opportunities in Canada.

In his native Nigeria, Emeka worked in the gambling sector, where he had franchises in multiple locations. He had remarkable success in the gambling business in Nigeria, but in 2021 he and his wife decided that it was time for a change and that they might find a better opportunity abroad. While doing their research, they discovered that Canada is a stable country, and with the aging population, there is a need for more workforce. He saw this as a fantastic opportunity to come to Canada to run his business and serve the Canadian public.

Once he and his wife had made the decision to move, they found someone online who had a mechanic workshop for sale in Canada, and they started the process of buying the business. They had all the documentation and agreements signed to buy the business. Emeka and his family had a couple of months to travel to Canada and pay the money required to buy the business. Unfortunately, whilst waiting for approval from the IRCC (Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada), delayed due to the pandemic, the deal fell through. Emeka had to start from scratch, and now he is running a very successful staffing agency in Canada.

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