Chaotic travel and spiking interest rates dominated news headlines and office water-cooler conversations this summer. Now, Canadians are returning to work wondering about the possibility of a recession and how current economic conditions may affect their families and finances.

In this timely and informative webinar, Osler Special Advisor and former Governor of the Bank of Canada Stephen Poloz speaks with Osler National Co-Chair Maureen Killoran, KC, to review recent economic developments.

Topics discussed during their conversation include

  • the effect of rising interest rates and immigration on housing markets
  • central banks' tools in battling inflationary pressures
  • the possibility of a recession
  • what oil and other commodity prices mean for Canada's resource-based economy
  • re-optimization of supply chains amid changing geopolitical factors
  • shifts in the labour market

Stephen's unique experience and keen insights on complex economic and market forces make this essential viewing for business professionals and investors.

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