Beyoncé has had her share of public battles all of which her fans would say she’s won.  But there is one battle that she just can’t seem to win.

Beyoncé has been involved in a longstanding trademark dispute with a wedding and event planner over the use of the name “Blue Ivy”, which is the name of Beyoncé’s daughter. 

Veronica Morales uses the name “Blue Ivy Events” for her wedding and event planning company. In 2012, Morales filed a trademark for that name.  That was the same year that Beyoncé gave birth to Blue Ivy Carter. 

Beyoncé then tried to trademark her daughter’s full name, “Blue Ivy Carter”, but Morales opposed Beyoncé’s trademark application on the basis that consumers would likely be confused between her company and the daughter of possibly the most famous performer in the world. Beyoncé, needless to say, disagrees. 

Beyoncé claims that her daughter is a “cultural icon” and that Morales’ company is just a “small business, with just three regional offices and a handful of employees”.   Beyoncé argues that the presence of the word “Carter” ties the trademark to her daughter rather than Morales’ wedding and event planning business.

The case is expected to go to trial.

If Morales wins at trial, it means that Beyoncé’s trademark for her daughter’s name cannot be registered. This could mean a massive payday for Morales should Beyoncé be inclined to purchase Morales’ trademark. Beyoncé, after all, is a survivor.

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