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By Sean Dowden
On 3 May 2019, Portugal introduced amendments to Portuguese Taw Law, in accordance with the European Union (EU) Anti-Tax Avoidance Directive (ATAD).
By Robert Homem
The Cyprus Investment Programme is rapidly becoming one of the EU's most popular residence schemes .
By Simon Kelly
On 1st January 2019 the "substance-based regime" was introduced into the Crown Dependencies (Guernsey, Jersey and the Isle of Man).
By Peter Robertson
Recent changes in terms of global tax regulations and increasing international tax transparency are vital to consider when implementing strategies to preserve family wealth
By   Dixcart
This edition focuses on the jurisdictions of Cyprus, Greece, Portugal, Switzerland and the UK. Articles include:
By Bruce Watterson
The island of Guernsey is the second largest of the Channel Islands, which are situated in the English Channel close to the French coast of Normandy.
By Graham Sutcliffe
A menudo, nos preguntan cuáles son nuestros bienes más importantes. Esto suele conducir a un sinnúmero de respuestas, la más común es "nuestros jóvenes".
By Graham Sutcliffe
We are often asked, what are our most important assets? This can lead to a myriad of responses, with the most common being, "our children".
By Robert Homem
Cyprus has become an attractive option for companies and individuals. Advantageous tax incentives exist and Cyprus is popular as both a corporate and residential location, offering a sound infrastructure, and also enviable weather.
By Vincent Chung
On 30 March 2019, the EUSS was fully implemented under UK immigration rules, as a post-Brexit system. This allows EEA and Swiss citizens
By Paul Webb
From April 2020, non-UK tax resident companies with income from UK property will no longer be charged UK income tax and will instead be subject to the UK's corporation tax regime.
By Paul Webb
Property in the UK can be owned by a company or by an individual and the method of ownership and the status of the company or individual involved will affect the tax treatment.
By Maria Muzarowska
Malta private foundations have been used for asset protection and succession planning for several years.
By Simon Kelly
Common law countries have traditionally used trusts while civil law countries have historically used foundations.
By Graham Sutcliffe
San Cristóbal y Nieves es un centro financiero moderno y con visión de futuro situado en el este del Caribe.