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By Carlos Eduardo Marino Orsolon, Joao Almeida, Rodrigo Damazio Ferreira, Victor Bovarotti Lopes
Brazilian Government extends the REPETRO until 2040 and changes tax rules pertinent to the taxation of the oil and gas industry Decree No. 9,128/2017...
By Ana Carolina Botto Audi, Thiago Giantomassi, Thiago Rodrigues Maia
As a result, the existing FIC-FIPs would have to be transformed into FIPs until August 30, 2017.
By Julia Davet Pazos, Tatiana Campello, Fernanda Quental Peres
On September 12, 2017, a new system for computer program registration, fully operated through the internet, will be launched.
By Renato Canizares, Marcus Brumano
Over the past two decades, the Brazilian oil industry had a significant development, mostly due to the extraction of oil from the pre-salt layer in the past years.
By Celso Caldas Martins Xavier
The Federal Law 11.101/05, the so-called Brazilian Bankruptcy Act ("BBA"), had its 10th anniversary in 2015.
By Lucas Tavares Bueno
One of the preliminary questions raised by foreign clients in Brazilian Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) transactions is whether the deal, from a Brazilian law perspective, should be structured as a share deal or an asset deal.
By Antonio Giglio Neto
The concept of peer-to-peer lending ("P2P"), that first evolved in the United Kingdom and United States, is currently a fashionable topic in jurisdictions like Brazil where consumer needs and spending are growing and strict financial regulations apply.
By Cássia Pizzotti, Ivan H. Nogueira Lima
In the last decades, Brazil faced an increase in the number of foreigners requesting work visas and coming to work in the country.
By Mauro Ernesto Moreira Luz
According to the legislation currently in effect, the base for the calculation of the ICMS levied on sales of goods is the transaction value, that is, the sale price charged.
By Mauro Ernesto Moreira Luz
It is not rare that, in Brazil, federal, state and municipal governments reduce fine and interest of taxes under their taxing power in relation to amounts owed and overdue by their taxpayers, ..
By Gabriel Kuznietz, Luciana Goulart Penteado, Victor Hanna
Certainly, an examination of litigations arising out of the breach of international air transportation contracts, quite commonly, makes reference to discussions on the opinion of jurists and the case law on the legislation applicable to the case.
By Mauro Ernesto Moreira Luz
Brazil currently has 5,570 municipalities spread out over 27 federated units, including the Federal District.
By Andre Alarcon, Bárbara Bassani
Ever since the implementation of Supplementary Law no. 126/07, which put an end to the reinsurance monopoly, the Brazilian market has been undergoing constant changes related to the rules on reinsurance placement and risk capital.
By Cássia Pizzotti, Gleise Ferrari
The current economic scenario has led many companies to look for alternatives to face this moment of retraction
By José Setti Diaz
There is a wide spread consensus among economists that the Brazilian economy will be in recession in 2016 with a potential reduction of 3% of its GDP. The slowdown of the economy is mostly felt by industrial sectors.
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