On January 11, 2018, it was issued the Normative Instruction No. 1/ 2018 of Brazilian Institute of the Environment and Natural Resources IBAMA, regulating the environmental conditions of the use and disposal of fluids, gravel and cement paste in the activities of maritime well drilling and production of petroleum and gas.

Normative Instruction No. 1/ 2018 established new directives to the activities, such as:

  • evaluations of ecotoxicity on sea sediments;
  • restrictions for the disposal of non-water based fluids;
  • toxicological tests related to the organic basis of the fluid's preparation
  • prohibitions and restrictions on substances to be used as drilling fluids;
  • procedures for accidental fluid spillage in the ocean.

Further, Normative Instruction No. 1/ 2018 established the Monitoring of Fluids and Gravel Project and the Drilling Waste Management Plan, which will integrate the environmental licensing of the activity.

Failure to comply with the obligations established in Normative Instruction No. 1/ 2018 will subject companies to the penalties provided for in the applicable regulations.

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