Two months after issuance of a new regulation governing the port sector (Medida Provisoria No. 595/2012 ? "MP No. 595/2012"), the Brazilian Secretariat for Ports (Secretaria dos Portos ? SEP) announced the first port terminals that will be put to bid.

These port terminals are located in the North, Northeast, South, and Southeast of Brazil. Of the 159 port terminals announced by SEP, leases for 85 have already expired, while 42 are being put to bid for the first time.

Please click here to download the complete list of port terminals announced by SEP.

According to Article 49 of MP No. 595/2012, all port terminal lease agreements existing at the time the new rule was enacted shall remain in force in accordance with their terms and shall be (re)bid from the date which is 12 months prior to their respective termination dates.

In the event the remaining lease term is less than 18 months or the lease term has already expired, the (re)bid of the relevant terminal area shall occur no later than June 7, 2013 (Article 49, §1 of MP No. 595/2012).

However, it is possible that the Brazilian government will exceed the deadline set forth in Article 49, §1, of MP No. 595/2012 given that, among other issues, the Federal Court of Audit (Tribunal de Contas da União) may be previously consulted and feasibility studies are required. 

It is important to note that MP No. 595/2012 is still being reviewed by Brazil?s Congress and the corresponding implementing decree has still not been issued.

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