On November 6, 2019, Decree No. 10.084/2019 was published, repealing Decree No. 6.964/2009, which established the sugarcane agroecological zoning ("ZAE Cana").

In 2009, the ZAE Cana was instituted by the Ministry of Agriculture ("MAPA") jointly with the Ministry of Environment, as an instrument for ordering the expansion of sugarcane cultivation for industrial purposes, considering sustainable use of lands.

Thus, an agroecological zoning to produce ethanol and sugar was developed based on the criteria of land vulnerability, climate risk, sustainable agricultural production potential and environmental legislation. Such system established parameters for the National Monetary Council to regulate the financing of the sugar and ethanol sector.

From the publication of Decree No. 10.084 / 2019, the sugarcane producer is no longer subject to the criteria established in the ZAE Cana, but the obligation to comply with current environmental legislation remains.

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