CONAR, the Brazilian Advertising Self-Regulation Council, initiated 324 ethical proceedings in 2018, 71% upon receipt of complaints from consumers, the highest percentage ever, which shows the importance advertising has for the public and also the fact that social media has made it easier for the filing of such complaints. 

Another important fact is that 63% of all procedures refer to digital advertising. Among these ads, 38% were posted on social media, 34% on websites and the remaining ones in videos or e-mails.

Among the industry sectors that had more ads questioned before CONAR - food, juices, soft drinks, medicines, cosmetics and healthcare  services were the ones leading the statistics.

The most questioned issue throughout the year was truthfulness.

Almost two thirds of the complaints were filed by consumers of the Southeast Region, where Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo are located and where most of the industries, banks and telecom companies have their headquarters. It is also the region that has the largest population in the country.

There was an increase of complaints filed by young consumers, i.e., from 25 to 34 years of age and women were more vocal than men in filing complaints at CONAR.

The highlight of the year, however, was the large number of procedures involving influencers who failed to disclose that their posts were sponsored by corporations. The most famous Brazilian pop singer, Anitta, for example, had to change her post with her picture wearing SAWARY jeans, to include, upon CONAR's request, # ad or #publi. Despite the fact that these disclaimers are not regulated by law, CONAR ordered their inclusion and this has created an important precedent that will certainly be used in relation to all influencers in Brazil from now on.

Among the influencers that were summoned by CONAR to amend their posts were local celebrities such as Karina Bacchi, Bruna Marquezini, Emily Araújo, Manu Gavassi and others.

These statistics show that digital advertising has become very important in Brazil and that CONAR will be more alert to influencers from now on.

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