The last eruption of the volcano Reventador showed the lack of regulations for this kind of events. As an effort in a last minute, local authorities are trying to issue new several dispositions in order to keep normal activities during these days.

This eruption was harder than the Pichincha’s in 1999. While our nature gives beautiful landscapes for tourists it is necessary to understand that this beauty is more than it, not only Quito but also Ecuador must have a regular plan for these cases. Where is it?

If this wear heavy dust is covering all the city, for instance, why not to have hard punishments for drivers who exceed 30km/h speed limit, for people who "sweep" with water the volcano dust in front of their houses or for the officials of Quito’s airport who let minors under 15 years work in the cleaning of the landing line? Are the officials of Quito's airport responsible for not closing operations on time? Several aircrafts were parked off under the volcano dust, then there are no flights to Galapagos, i.e. were the aeronautic authorities negligent for this?

Prevention is not only to enact regulations for nature acts but also to know how to live with. More important than a legal issue is to transmit this knowledge to our children year per year.

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