The European Data Protection Board has published its annual activity report for the year 2022. The report provides insights into the activity and work of the board, includes the results of a guidance review conducted with various stakeholders and, most notably, a thematic executive summary with a selection of examples of final one-stop-shop decisions.

According to the Chair of the Board, Andrea Jelinek, the EDPB's role has changed since 2018 and it is now a major player in the EEA digital economy. By ensuring that data protection regulations are applied consistently throughout Europe, Jelinek says, it helps shape Europe's digital future. In particular, it will help redress a balance that has tipped too far in favour of big tech companies.

The highlights of the report include information on enforcement cooperation between the data protection authorities of the EU Member States and on the calculation of administrative fines under the GDPR (according to the Guidelines 04/2022).

Get the report here.

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