We have collated all of the key cyber media reports and industry news from November, in one place, so you don't have to...

The past month has been a significant one, with the release of the Australian Cyber Security Strategy 2023 – 2030. A significant milestone in Australia's cyber journey. Now that the dust has settled, jump in and watch our "industry briefing". We had some 700 plus register for this event, such is the interest in the Strategy.

This month also saw the release of ASIC's Cyber Pulse Survey and the ASD's Annual Threat Report. Each of those can be accessed through the links below. In further industry news, the ACSC updated the Essential Eight Maturity Model (a set of technical requirements that are becoming a baseline for many businesses). The Government also appointed standalone Privacy and Freedom of Information Commissioners, and introduced new legislation in the Senate to strengthen and expand Australia's Digital ID System.

In the breach space, we have seen a steady stream of incidents throughout the month, along with further updates on the MOVEit data breach and various articles looking at the tactics of Black Cat and LockBit.

In regulatory news, the OAIC is now demonstrating an intention to move into enforcement in relation to breach response itself (in addition to APP 11) with proceedings initiated in relation to the breach that impacted Australian Clinical Labs. This is the first time we've seen this and it illustrates a renewed focus on the notification process.

Finally, in HSF news, we were fortunate enough to be invited to speak at the annual AFR CFO Summit. Cam Whittfield was interviewed on stage by Michael Pelly. The interview looked at the role of the lawyer in breach response and the CFO's role in cyber investment decision making.


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