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Privacy concerns cast shadow over vaccination passports
The lack of a clear blueprint for vaccination 'passports' that addresses public concerns around safety and security risks is undermining the implementation of vaccine mandates, warns the Australia Institute's Centre for Responsible Technology (10 September 2021).  More...

New blood test could detect Alzheimer's long before symptoms
A low-cost blood test could diagnose Alzheimer's disease up to 20 years before the onset of symptoms, according to new research by Macquarie University (10 September 2021).  More...

Making the tough decisions: What it will mean to live with COVID-19
Patchy uptake of COVID-19 vaccines across cities and regions means Australia's public health measures are likely to continue well into next year, with a leading epidemiologist predicting the country will achieve tolerable disease control by early 2022 (08 September 2021).  More...

From transactional to personal: The future of virtual care
On the COVID report card, most health providers get a tick for transitioning to telehealth. However, many of these telehealth consultations were transactional in nature and did not use the most advanced technology. In fact, in Australia, the majority of telehealth consultations were conducted over the telephone (07 September 2021).  More...

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Department of Health

Covid vaccine claims site open
06 September 2021 - The Australian Government COVID 19 claims scheme website is now open.
Claims registration is here.
The scheme will cover the costs of injuries $5,000 and above due to administration of a TGA approved COVID-19 vaccine or due to an adverse event that is considered to be caused by a COVID-19 vaccination. Claimants need to have been hospitalised for at least one night, will need to nominate they are seeking less than $20,000 and provide applicable evidence. 

AMACOVID-19 and vaccines: Get the best advice for you and your family
You need reliable, evidence-based information to be able to make good choices about your healthcare. But in a climate thick with commentary about COVID-19 and vaccines, how do you sort fact from fiction? A joint statement from Ahpra and the National Boards, the Health Care Complaints Commission, the Office of the Health Ombudsman and the Therapeutic Goods Administration (30 August 2021).  More...

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