An Accredited Family Law Specialist is a solicitor who has demonstrated a high standard of ability and experience in Family Law, and has additionally passed the exams as set by the Law Society of WA.

These specialist solicitors are well versed and experienced in all matters around Family Law including:

  • Divorce Procedures
  • Parenting Matters
  • Property Settlement
  • Child Support & Spousal Maintenance
  • De Facto Relationships
  • Jurisdiction of the Court
  • Court Practice & Procedure
  • Taxation
  • Pensions, Social Security and Legal Aid

How much experience does an Accredited Family Law Specialist need to have before qualifying for Accreditation?
At least five years, with more than 25% of their practice in Family Law. At O'Sullivan Davies, all of our solicitors practice exclusively in Family Law.

Is the Accreditation recognised?
Yes. To become accredited, the requirements include references from other solicitors or barristers. These references must confirm the ability and experience of the applicant for accreditation. Other solicitors often refer Family Law clients to Accredited Family Law Specialists in the knowledge that difficult or complex cases will be competently handled.

Is an Accredited Specialist required to keep up to date?
Yes. They must prove each year that they have continued to keep up to date with developments in the law and maintain the required high level of involvement in the jurisdiction.

How can I distinguish if a solicitor is an Accredited Family Law Specialist?
Accredited practitioners obtain certificates which you are entitled to look at to confirm that they have a current qualification as an Accredited Family Law Specialist. Only those solicitors who have the requisite experience, have passed the exam and kept up to date with developments in the law may describe themselves as an Accredited Family Law Specialist.