Congratulations - you are on the board or committee for a not-for-profit t(NFP) organisation.

As a board or committee member on a NFP organisation you have a great capacity to do some good for the organisation and the community at large.

However failure to observe obligations and duties or correctly manage conflicts as well as external defamatory criticisms of organisation can detract from the potential good the NFP can impart on society.

This whitepaper has been developed by Madgwicks Lawyers to assist NFP boards and committees maximise potential and ensure the smooth running of the NFP.

This Guide addresses:

  • What are your legal obligations?
  • Case Study: Space travel - a tax deduction for Cirque de Soleil?
  • How to handle potential conflicts of interest
  • Case Study: Potential conflict of interest of a board member
  • Case Study: ACCC cracks down on a company profiting off charitable promises and not delivering
  • Did you know that not-for-profits scan sue for defamation?
  • Tips for Not-for-profit organisations

Download the full Guide hereor by clicking on the image below.

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