Contributions for new jobs creation

Instruction No. 38 stipulates repayment of contributions on new jobs (which were created by the end of 1993) and were funded from the state budget, if the conditions were not met.

Taxation of income from the sale of a company

The Ministry of Finance published Measure No. 40 to prevent discrepancies on selling a company. The Measure stipulates, for example, a tax base determination on selling a company or its part as well as taxation of the income of legal entities and individuals.

Depreciation of assets owned by municipalities

Announcement No. 41 specifies depreciation procedures concerning tangible and intangible assets which are owned by municipalities.

Personal income tax

Announcement No. 42 relating to so-called millionaire tax determines the tables for calculating personal income tax from dependent activities and emolument of functionaries.

Double tax treaties

The following announcements on enforcing double tax treaties were published:

  • Announcement No. 43 on enforcing the Slovak-Russian Tax Treaty;
  • Announcement No. 44 on enforcing the Slovak-Swiss Tax Treaty.

The announcements stipulate the dates on which these treaties will come into effect and they contain basic rules for avoiding double taxation under these treaties.

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