Environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues present significant risks and opportunities for organisations.

With widespread acknowledgement that holding global warming to 1.5 degrees or less is imperative, now more than ever, companies' financial performance and reputation depends upon upholding not only their environmental responsibilities but every aspect of their social licence to operate.

Organisations with a well-developed approach to responsible business issues have embraced this new reality. These organisations accept that commercial strategy must properly incorporate ESG risks and opportunities. They see the environment, people and community trust as valuable assets that need to be protected. They identify (and seek to mitigate) risks to their operations posed by ESG factors, and consider how people and the environment are impacted by their operations. Importantly, they also understand that through robust engagement with ESG factors, they may be able to derive benefits not just for themselves, but for the environment and their broader communities.

ESG: A guide for General Counsel assists General Counsel (GCs) to identify, assess and capitalise on ESG opportunities and to develop a leading ESG risk and compliance culture across their organisation.

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