On 20 April 2021, partner  Andrea Kallis participated in the above seminar which was hosted by the Great Britain and Cyprus Business Association.  The seminar addressed the issue of the ongoing relationship between the two countries now that the Brexit transition period has expired.

The keynote speaker was Natasa Pilides, Minister of Energy, Commerce and Industry of the Republic of Cyprus.  Ms. Pilides outlined her department's goal of establishing Cyprus on the Mediterranean's energy map whilst also stressing the importance of environmental issues. She stated that in the post-Brexit era, the Cyprus government wants to preserve its good relationship with the UK and is taking appropriate actions to achieve this.

Industry experts including Andrea were then invited to talk about Banking Services, Legal Services, Financial & Tax Services, Real Estate Opportunities and Funds.

In  her presentation Andrea Kallis entertainingly explained the stages of the business relationship between Cyprus and Great Britain in terms of courtship, marriage, divorce and now, an ongoing long-distance relationship which although different to what went before still offers much that is positive.   She stressed that there is a new common path after Brexit with specific opportunities arising relative to 'Headquartering', technology and the services sector,  an aligned business eco system, the use of a 'shared' English business language and, Cyprus' foreign business and investor friendly ethos.

The seminar was moderated by Xenia Neophytou (Managing Director, CX Financia). Other participants included Dr. George Mountis (Managing Partner, Delphi Partners & Co), Michalis Michael (Head of IBU, AstraBank ), Stella Zenios (Executive Director, Exsus Group) Alex Chrysaphiades (Partner, Alder Shine LLP) and Nik Shah(Tax Partner, Alder Shine LLP).

A recording of the full webinar may be viewed by clicking  here

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