In Argentina, the trading of publicly offered securities may take place on stock exchanges or through OTC transactions carried out by stock brokers within the regulatory scope of a self-regulatory organisation.

The main securities exchange is the Buenos Aires Stock Exchange (Bolsa de Comercio de Buenos Aires, or BCBA), which currently accounts for 90% of all publicly offered securities transactions in Argentina. Other minor exchanges are located in other cities throughout the country.

The most common transactions include trading of equity securities and share coupons, corporate bonds (obligaciones negociables), and government debt instruments. Since March 1, 1993, OTC transactions may take place only through self-regulatory organisations which are duly authorised by the CNV. The Mercado Abierto Electronico S.A. (MAE), approved by the CNV as a self-regulatory organisation, accounts for approximately 40% of total private securities transactions.

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