El Samaritano. We assist on a permanent basis El Samaritano, a foundation created to support schools and hospitals in rural areas in Argentina (mainly the estates/provinces of Corrientes, Entre Rios, Rio Negro and Mendoza). It provides grants based exclusively on performance to allow poor primary and high school level students to pursue higher education. It is a merit based scholarship.

With respect to hospitals, El Samaritano surveys the hospitals near the schools that we assist and find out its primary needs of medical equipment. Members of Alfaro Abogados Liliana Arauz (a Board member of the foundation) and Maria Florencia Sota Vazquez (Advisor to its Board) dedicate more than 40hs per month to the Samaritano Foundation.

Reaching U. We have provided advice to Reaching U, a foundation that operates in Uruguay. It is a non for profit organization based in the United States that works with children under poverty level. Since its creation in 2001 the organization has provided assistance to hundreds of children in reaching the possibility of an education at comparable level of more fortunate families. The organization has a team of volunteers in Nueva York, Washington DC, Miami and Montevideo.

Pro Mujer. We also cooperated with Pro Mujer, an international organization with an Argentine chapter that provides targeted financing for women entrepreneurial development. its mission is to provide Latin America's poor women with the means to build a business through microfinance. Pro Mujer fights poverty by establishing sustainable microfinance organizations that include an integrated package of financial and human development services that women require to build and improve their small businesses. Pro Mujer also supports the health of its clients and their families and helps women build their self-esteem. The organization also links women and their families with existing resources and services in their communities.

Foro Ecumenico y Social. We support Foro Ecumenico y Social that promotes social and cultural integration and dialogue between religions through corporate responsibility, art and literature, specifically Foro Ecumenico y Social provides cooperation for the development of human resources and corporate responsibility and Latin American art and literature. We have been assisting Foro Ecumenico y Social in its quest to promote and develop inter-religious dialogue and the integration of native cultural values in the modern society since its creation.

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