Anastasia Usova, Partner at Redcliffe Partners, contributed to the e-Competitions Special Issue “Competition policy & COVID-19: An overview of antitrust agencies’ responses”.

This Special Issue contains articles and press releases from private practitioners and agencies in more than 20 countries, covering a broad range of reactions and perspectives from around the world. The Special Issue can be accessed by this link.

The Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine (AMC) is responding promptly during the coronavirus outbreak. At the end of February the AMC issued recommendations to 34 pharmacies to refrain from economically unjustified price hikes for face masks, followed in mid-March by similar recommendations to retail chains in Kyiv Region against excessive pricing for face masks, disinfectants and long-life food products.

The AMC’s Kyiv Regional Office is also examining recent price increases in airline tickets made by Ukraine International Airlines. Subsequent to publication of the Special Issue, on 26 March the AMC also launched an investigation into excessive pricing by wholesale suppliers and the largest food retailers in Kyiv.

The AMC conducts price monitoring of products in everyday consumption regularly, and requests retailers to provide data on purchasing and resale prices for bread, grains, sugar, flour, most popular types of meat, and vegetables. The article is available via this link.

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