On 26 September 2019, the book "Gun Jumping in Merger Control" was presented in Brussels. Anastasia Usova, Head of the Antitrust practice at Redcliffe Partners, contributed to its publication by preparing the chapter dedicated to Ukraine. The book, a comparative guide concerning gun-jumping across 21 major jurisdictions, aims to provide practical guidance for in-house and external counsel involved in cross-border transactions. The book was written by authors from different jurisdictions under the leadership of the Mergers Working Group of the Antitrust Committee of the International Bar Association.

In a foreword to the book, Prof. RICHARD WHISH, QC (Hon), says "The book contains the first multijurisdictional survey of gun-jumping to have been undertaken, and looks at the decisional practice in 21 major jurisdictions, from Australia to the US via China, India and many other countries. The subject matter is presented in a highly accessible, systematic manner, looking at the substantive legal provisions, including the relationship between the merger-specific rules such as Articles 4 and 7 of the EUMR and antitrust law as such, for example, Article 101".

This chapter was first published by Concurrences in Gun Jumping in Merger Control, Catriona Hatton et al, eds. (2019) and is reproduced by agreement with the publisher. Please find the chapter by the link.

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