The First dedicated Data Protection Law of Turkey has now fully entered into force.

The Law on Protection of Personal Data (Law) of Turkey, of which some provisions had already been in force since April 07, 2016, will be effective with all the provisions as of October 07, 2016.

The Articles that will enter into force as of October 07, 2016 are related to the following subjects:

- The transfer of personal data,
- Rights of data subject,
- Application of data subject to the data controller,
- Filing complaints before the Board,
- The procedure and principles of the inspection conducted by the Board,
- Data register,
- Crimes and misdemeanors.

The firms which are collecting personal data from customers, employees, social media users and e-commerce sector are required to comply with the provisions of the Law.

The failure to comply with the Law will result in fines which will vary between TRY 5.000.- to TRY 1.000.000.