The Ministry of Health has issued the Resolution No. 414, published in Official Gazette No. 42,682 dated August 1, 2023, enacting a prohibition on the manufacture, storage, distribution, commercialization, import, export, use, consumption, publicity, promotion, and sponsorship of Electronic Nicotine Administration Systems, as well as Similar Nicotine-Free Electronic Systems, colloquially known as "Vapers." This proscription also extends to consumables, tanks or cartridges, refill containers, and other associated accessories, along with any conventional or herbal analog product throughout the entirety of the Venezuelan territory.

Furthermore, all public administration entities, particularly those involved in the realm of Sanitary Control policy, are directed to withhold granting records, import and export licenses, transit permissions, and special customs arrangements in connection with Vapers. This proscription encompasses all forms of transactions involving Vapers, whether they occur through electronic, digital, telephonic, or other technological mediums that facilitate the sale, delivery, or distribution of these products.

Additionally, the resolution specifies that State institutions, commercial establishments, local entities, public and private premises, and even public transportation must conspicuously display a "Public Notice" articulating this prohibition in accordance with the stipulations set forth in the resolution.

Educational institutions and the media are entrusted with executing informative programs designed to underscore the hazards and detrimental effects linked to the consumption of electronic cigarettes. The supervision and oversight of these initiatives will fall under the purview of ministries vested with authority in the realms of Education, Communication, and Information.

It is noteworthy that in early June of the current year, Resolution No. 362 was published in Official Gazette No. 42,641 (now repealed). This resolution established regulations and guidelines governing the manufacturing, import, export, distribution, marketing, use, advertising, and promotion of Electronic Nicotine Administration Systems, consumables, and allied accessories. Evidently, compliance with this regulation appears to have been lacking among citizens and pertinent stakeholders. Hence, the heightened stringency of the new prohibition appears to stem from a perceived neglect of the preexisting regulatory framework.

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