It has been four weeks in my new role as a Graduate lawyer at Roam Migration Law, and with this has come, four key realisations:

  1. Roam Migration Law is an important player in the dynamic landscape that is Australian Immigration. I have come to appreciate the breadth of work the team at Roam extends their expertise to. They oversee a range of corporate migration matters (assisting multinationals and start-ups with employment visa processes) but also cater to private client work (which includes but is not limited to: visitor visas, residency queries and even citizenship matters). It is an exciting experience to learn about different visa pathways and solutions whilst assisting the legal team.
  2. There is an importance in seeing the "big picture". Keeping at the forefront of your mind, what a client's desired outcome or 'end goal' is, will keep you informed as you work on their matter. Working on a visa matter makes more sense when you try to see how different stakeholders interact, what their needs are and what they hope to achieve.
  3. Genuinely caring about a client matters translates to a better result and client/ lawyer relationship. My personal connection to migration law (as a child to migrant parents) is already (and will continue to) assist me in understanding the feelings and challenges that clients face when handling their immigration matters.
  4. It is high time for migration! This is evident with the significant skill shortage in Australia. Global talent is being recruited into various industries and this goes to bolster Australia as a multicultural and innovative nation. The world is a lot more connected than ever!

Roam Migration's Graduate Lawyer, Leanne Cousinery reflects on her first four weeks with the firm.