Ganado Advocates has contributed to a Lex Mundi global guide on sustainability and competition law. This global resource can be found here.

This global report contains insight from over 45 jurisdictions around the world, including, Malta.

It is the first-of-its-kind resource that allows in-house and outside counsel to understand ESG priorities and initiatives around competition regimes. The guide covers the following issues:

  • Are ESG measures/sustainability agreements included in the jurisdiction's competition regime
  • Has the jurisdiction issued guidance regarding competitor collaborations or participating in industry working groups?
  • Has the jurisdiction's national competition authority issued any guidance on the role, if any, of ESG in the competition law analysis applied to mergers or other conduct?
  • Can parties seek specific guidance from authorities on proposed ESG initiatives?
  • Are there precedents that involved ESG/sustainability matters in your country?

This global resource reports the following findings:

  • 28% of jurisdictions reported that ESG measures/sustainability agreements are included in their competition regime
  • 13% of jurisdictions reported that they foresee any new regulations coming into place in 2022
  • 40% of jurisdictions reported precedents that involved ESG/sustainability matters